This is City & Guild's Unit 313: Providing Independent Advocacy under the Care Act 2014. It is a specialist unit as part of the Independent Advocacy Qualification. You must be a practicing Care Act advocate to complete this course. This training will help you complete the 313 written template which will be sent to you by the Training team.

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Providing Independent Mental Health Advocacy - Unit 306

City & Guilds' Providing Independent Advocacy to Children & Young People, Unit 309. Add this unit to your Cores to complete the Independent Advocacy certificate. Completion of this course will include at least one visit from an assessor to review your practice evidence. You must be practicing independent advocacy with children and young people in order to complete this course.

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The City & Guilds 310 unit for the National Advocacy Qualification. This can be completed as a standalone unit, or can be added to the National Advocacy certificate (Core units + one specialist unit) in order to achieve the diploma.