Carers Federation Specialist Workshops

Carers Federation Specialist Workshops

by Ruth Stanforth -
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Why are we offering this training?

We appreciate that advocacy services are currently in a ‘transitional’ period in terms of how advocates are trained. Brand new advocates will be completing the new Level 4 award, but there is a cohort of practicing advocates who may need support to train on what used to be ‘additional units’ under the Level 3 qualification. It is now no longer possible to qualify with City & Guilds on a unit-by-unit basis. However, Carers Federation is offering standalone training to fill any gaps in skillsets and knowledge. Following the success of our 2022 courses launch, we now have multiple dates for live remote training and assessed course options into 2023.

How has the training been designed?

The materials cover information about the relevant legislation and how these can be applied by the advocate, based on criteria across the new qualification. There will also be opportunities to complete activities and discuss case studies to consolidate learning. The codes of practice stipulate that advocates need ‘appropriate training’ to undertake these advocacy roles. Any of the below options could represent ‘appropriate training’, depending on the advocate’s experience, so services are encouraged to consider if they want candidates to just complete live training, or if they would benefit from practice assessment.

Who is the training for?

· Experienced advocates who have already qualified at Level 3, but who require additional training in a different specialism

· Candidates who have received remote training on a unit, but would benefit from additional live remote training

What are the costs?

Attending the remote workshop only - £200

Workshop plus practice competence assessment - £550

Please contact for the latest training dates.